Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday's done

The day is over, except for maybe a little stitching and some bible study. Thought I'd share this block with you that I made last week. It's called Mouse in a Mirror and has 32 pieces. I did it in reverse from the original by accident, but I'm pleased with it. This pattern is very similar to the kite in the top left corner and now I'm excited to tackle that. It will be my first kite. That's all for now. Keep stitching!


  1. Hi Mel, Congratulations on your foray into blogging. I have another one to add to my favorites list. LOVE the whig rose quilt you finished. I showed Sarah your blog and she saw all the Dear Jane blocks and asked if I would make her a DJ quilt. (Oh, sure, hon, I'll just whip one out next week.) Maybe I should just buy the panel. ;-)


  2. Hi Melanie! I love this block. Is it DJ or bible blocks? I heard from the bible blocks to on the DJ list and was wondering if you might know something about it too and could tell me wehre I could find them? Hugs, Marianna Bergkamp (mistress of the TOW DJ)