Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Post for This Year!

Well, it's been quite a year! My husband and I will be glad to see this one tucked away into the history books. So much happened this year and lots of it wasn't good.  Our government here in the US began to take away rights at an unparalleled pace and I got sick with Lymphoma to name only a couple of the rotten things that 2009 brought. I've been out of work since August, but will be heading back around 2/1/10. It's been weird for sure!

On a lighter note, I was able to do a little bit of stitching today despite feeling pretty crappy. First, I finished up a tiny little pillow I made for my sister.

This other project is something that I cut out from a free pattern that came with something I bought when I first started quilting at the beginning of the decade. It's been hanging around my sewing closet along with other stagnant projects so I decided to zip up a couple of them to make myself feel like I am getting something done.

 After doing all these set-in seams, I think that pattern has been tossed already! What a pain! Why is it that no matter how careful one is with set-in seams they just don't cooperate?? I tried and tried, but this thing came out pretty darn wonky. Luckily, once it was together, it's hard to tell....It is hard to tell, right?

Tomorrow, if I feel okay, I'm going to try to make a thread catcher that has been in my sewing closet waiting to be made for 4 or 5 years. Hoping it won't take too long. Also working on another purse for a new friend who is battling ovarian cancer that I met at the infusion center. Hope to show those to you soon!

I hope each of you has a blessed new year and that it brings only good things for you!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

I've decided to finish up a few small projects that have been hanging out in my sewing room closet just taking up space and filling my mind every time I walk in there. It just feels like there are so many projects that need to be done. I'd like to be able to start over with new and fresh ones, but want to make what I've already bought before I don't like them any more. I'm sure you must have similar issues.

A couple years ago, I bought what turned out to be a really odd charm pack from Nancy's Notions. I have fiddled and fiddled with those fabrics to try to figure out what I could possibly do with them! Finally, I thought about the purse that one of my quilt group members, Linda B, made for me last year. I just love it! And it seemed to be a good project for these funky fabrics in the charm pack. So I dug into my stash for fabric for the handles and lining and here is what I put together.

I had a difficult time trying to figure out how to make these colors all go together in a cohesive way and look pretty and finally ended up with the cool-sided and warm-sided purse. I really like it. This might even be the start of something new for me. I normally go with much more muted colors, but I really liked this once it was done!

Hope you and your families have a save, happy and blessed Christmas. Rest, enjoy and give thanks to our Lord for the birth of his only child who came to save us! Amen!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

What I've Been Up to Lately...

I have been doing a little bit of sewing these days. Mostly still working on some presents, but I do have a few things I can show you. First are the placemats I made for a couple of dear friends as birthday presents.

The pattern came from the December '09 Quilter's World. This is normally a magazine I'm not all that fond of, but this particular edition had some great gift ideas. I liked these placemats enough to make some for us too!

I've also been tinkering with my DJ quilt a bit. I've prepped a few blocks for applique and have recently made these two blocks. The first one is I4 and was rotary cut and pieced and appliqued. It has 25 pieces. The second one, I5 is completely appliqued and has only 6 pieces.


I think the first one is going to be redone. It's just too wonky. I'll keep the center part, but redo the outside sections and will paper piece them this time. That should fix it! Honestly, I didn't think this one would be that difficult, but I'm out of practice with these tiny little pieces. If you're off just a smidge, you'll pay the price with these babies! I'm happy with the second one and this is one that I had dreaded doing for a long time, but it was very easy!

Lastly, I'll show you the progress I've made on setting the Gail Pan Christmas quilt.

As you can probably see I still need to add the outermost border and then this one is ready to quilt! I'd like to get the quilting done before my next (and last!) chemo on Wednesday, but Christmas presents are more important right now. So we'll see!!

Hope you are having some time to enjoy the true meaning of this holiday season!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Finished Project

It was small, but still a finish, which  can be difficult at this time of the year! It is a panel a friend gave me a few years ago. I'm pretty proud of myself lately to be using up my stash and not really buying too much. Of course it helps that I can't really go into public places right now though either. That's my cute little doggy eyeing the quilt just laying there on the floor waiting for her to snuggle up on it. I had to tell her a couple of times it wasn't for her. I don't think she really understood do you?

Today I'm hoping to do a Dear Jane block or two and work on a Christmas wall hanging. Hope you are doing some stitching too today!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas and Birthday Presents.....

are being made around here, so I don't have any pictures I can show you without giving away some surprises. But a post without a picture is like a day without sunshine! So....take a look at this!

This was my favorite Christmas decoration as a kid. My mom bought it at some craft fair or church bazarre probably.  It is a styrofoam base spray painted gold (which seems to flake off every time you touch it) and then has all these gold leaves and costume jewelry stuck in it and of course, the arch with the angel in it. My guess is that this piece is about 45 years old and I just love it. It makes me think of the simple days of being a child and the wonder and sparkle and joy of Christmas. Those were also really good times in our family before things got, well I'll just say complicated. So while you may not think beauty when YOU see this, I think about warm cozy Christmases with a fire burning, Johnny Mathis singing Christmas carols, a beautifully decorated home, candles, lots and lots of relatives all brought together with love and fudge. Nothin' better! I miss that...

As Christmas draws closer, I hope you are enjoying some of the traditions you and your family celebrate. Try not to get too tied up in the materialistic, unimportant stuff. Remember it's really the warmth and love that matters.

Hope you get in a few stitches today too!