Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas and Birthday Presents.....

are being made around here, so I don't have any pictures I can show you without giving away some surprises. But a post without a picture is like a day without sunshine! So....take a look at this!

This was my favorite Christmas decoration as a kid. My mom bought it at some craft fair or church bazarre probably.  It is a styrofoam base spray painted gold (which seems to flake off every time you touch it) and then has all these gold leaves and costume jewelry stuck in it and of course, the arch with the angel in it. My guess is that this piece is about 45 years old and I just love it. It makes me think of the simple days of being a child and the wonder and sparkle and joy of Christmas. Those were also really good times in our family before things got, well I'll just say complicated. So while you may not think beauty when YOU see this, I think about warm cozy Christmases with a fire burning, Johnny Mathis singing Christmas carols, a beautifully decorated home, candles, lots and lots of relatives all brought together with love and fudge. Nothin' better! I miss that...

As Christmas draws closer, I hope you are enjoying some of the traditions you and your family celebrate. Try not to get too tied up in the materialistic, unimportant stuff. Remember it's really the warmth and love that matters.

Hope you get in a few stitches today too!

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