Sunday, October 30, 2011

Autumn Wreath

My sisters and I had a crafting weekend last weekend. We try to get together once per quarter and usually sew when we do. This time, my sister, Betsy found these great autumn wreaths to make out of coffee filters of all things! They were pretty labor intensive, so I'm not sure I will do another one, but I did like the way they turned out!

The idea for these was not an original one! We don't really have original ideas, but we are pretty good at following directions! Luckily there were great directions here. Emily Jones is one talented lady! I could spend hours at her website. Pretty sure you will enjoy it too! So check it out!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Finished Product!

Well she is done! Only the signature block remains to be done. So without further ado, let me show you some photos of my very own Baby Jane....

Note the Cancer Ribbon she put on the lavender block as a nod to my experience!

My Baby Jane was heirloom machine quilted by Sue of Summit Creek Quilts. I highly recommend her! She did such a fantastic job! Each block has a different quilting motif on it. The tiny sashing has a beautiful chain quilted in and each scallop has a feather in it. I love it!

Now, here is a darling little pincushion made by my friend Rana! OMG this is soooo darling and look how little it is! I'm thinking how great this is for taking along with  as I do applique on the go! 

Here it is next to an actual acorn so you can see what it's size is. It's really not that much bigger than a real acorn. I love it. If you are interested in this or other creations from Rana please visit her website!

We are dog sitting again. At home, Lizzy is an outdoor doggy, so being clean and hugable is not so important. But when she visits here, I just cannot allow her to sleep outside. That just seems wrong. So we needed to get this ole girl cleaned up.  Today she got a brush (several, actually) a bath, a clean collar and flea and tick meds! She was covered in fleas and had a tick stuck to her ear that was giant! Yucko!!! Now she's all clean, happy and flee-free and so are we! She smells good and is much nicer to pet! I just love this doggy!

It was a busy day and I need to go get sewing!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Last 2 DJ Blocks!

Hard to believe these are the very last 2 blocks I have to show you! Just the finishing touches are left on my quilt and I have to say that I really love it! But I digress, here are the last 2:

First is M-11, Rickshaw which was paper pieced and has 31 pieces.

 Last, is M-12 called Hopscotch is pieced and has 19 pieces!

I will follow with some photos of the finished quilt soon. As soon as I get the binding done and a wee bit of hand quilting...

Since finishing my baby Jane, I have finished a couple of other quilts. When you work so much on these tiny blocks with a zillion pieces, you forget how fast a regular block goes! Anyway, here's a couple photos of a recent finish.

This is a Lone Star quilt that I started in a Jan Krentz class. She was a great teacher and this was a fun quilt to make! I look forward to making more Lone Stars!

 Here is a close up of one of the corners detailing the quilting...
This is the first time I've done the little swirls in the feathers. I'm pretty pleased with it!

Hope you are working on something wonderful and fun. Please leave a comment if you would like.
Come back soon because I'm going to share a darling new fall pattern from my bff. And you will love. it!