Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Finished Project

It was small, but still a finish, which  can be difficult at this time of the year! It is a panel a friend gave me a few years ago. I'm pretty proud of myself lately to be using up my stash and not really buying too much. Of course it helps that I can't really go into public places right now though either. That's my cute little doggy eyeing the quilt just laying there on the floor waiting for her to snuggle up on it. I had to tell her a couple of times it wasn't for her. I don't think she really understood do you?

Today I'm hoping to do a Dear Jane block or two and work on a Christmas wall hanging. Hope you are doing some stitching too today!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Melanie,
    The panel is very cute! I have been finishing long ago purchased ideas as well..hope to get pics on my blog with them soon...
    But any newly sewn fabric is usually required to have dog or cat testing at my house as well. Even a fat quarter pulled out of the cupboard seems to get sat on by the cat at least a little while before it is ready for 'use'.
    You have a sweet partner there :-)