Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Post for This Year!

Well, it's been quite a year! My husband and I will be glad to see this one tucked away into the history books. So much happened this year and lots of it wasn't good.  Our government here in the US began to take away rights at an unparalleled pace and I got sick with Lymphoma to name only a couple of the rotten things that 2009 brought. I've been out of work since August, but will be heading back around 2/1/10. It's been weird for sure!

On a lighter note, I was able to do a little bit of stitching today despite feeling pretty crappy. First, I finished up a tiny little pillow I made for my sister.

This other project is something that I cut out from a free pattern that came with something I bought when I first started quilting at the beginning of the decade. It's been hanging around my sewing closet along with other stagnant projects so I decided to zip up a couple of them to make myself feel like I am getting something done.

 After doing all these set-in seams, I think that pattern has been tossed already! What a pain! Why is it that no matter how careful one is with set-in seams they just don't cooperate?? I tried and tried, but this thing came out pretty darn wonky. Luckily, once it was together, it's hard to tell....It is hard to tell, right?

Tomorrow, if I feel okay, I'm going to try to make a thread catcher that has been in my sewing closet waiting to be made for 4 or 5 years. Hoping it won't take too long. Also working on another purse for a new friend who is battling ovarian cancer that I met at the infusion center. Hope to show those to you soon!

I hope each of you has a blessed new year and that it brings only good things for you!


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  1. Beautiful pillows, Melanie!
    Hope this year is set for healing and joy.