Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Sweet Little Doggy

I love my little girl so much. We adopted her from the pound in June of 2002. We think she was around 8 or 9 months old at the time, so that would put her around 7 years old. Her name is Kali and she's been having so many troubles lately! One evening in November, just after lights-out she flew out of bed and was thrashing at the bedroom door. We turned on the lights to find her having a seizure. It was awful! Really awful! We rushed her to the emergency vet only to have her be perfectly fine by the time we got there. 2 days later we came home from work and she had ripped off one of her front toenails and there was blood everywhere and she was really hurting. Again, awful! We've since decided that the loss of the toenail was probably caused by another seizure that happened while we were away. I was giving her small amounts of over the counter pain medication which was really tough on her digestive tract and she had a couple days of bloody diarrhea, so we put her on a special diet of rice and meat until that cleared up. She was seizure free for a couple of weeks and then had a couple more in a 3 day period the weekend before Christmas. I started researching dog health on the internet and decided to make the switch to cooking her meals for her. So I bought some books on cooking a balanced diet for dogs, hit the health food store and stocked up on vitamins and all kinds of other healthy stuff. She eats grass a lot so I bought wheat berries and started growing wheat grass that she gets a little bit of with each meal. I'm really pleased to say that she has not had a single seizure since I started cooking for her just before Christmas. I think this Saturday it will be 8 weeks. I am pleased to say the least!! The best part is we haven't had to put her on mind-numbing medications.

Today it was different, but more drama just the same. She is a very jumpy dog. Lots of things scare her, so we give her access to the house while we are gone even though she chooses to spend most of her time outside. Something happened today that made her go downstairs into my sewing room. She may have been hiding, I don't know. At any rate, the door to my sewing room will close on its own unless it is propped open. Somehow she must have caused the door to come loose from it's stop and it closed behind her. When my DH got home tonight he looked and looked and couldn't find her. Finally he noticed the closed door to the sewing room, opened it and out dashed my little girl. The room did not fair very well. Most of the trim on one side of the door is gone and she scratched 2 holes in the carpeting all the way down to the carpet backing. Wow, it looks like she was totally freaked out! I feel so sorry for her! I'll show you a picture of the damage tomorrow....

My poor baby!

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  1. the poor little gal! our fuzzy friends sure are lucky to have us, though! hopefully her good health will continue. :o)