Monday, February 2, 2009

The Monday After

Happy Monday!

Not sure if this is common in most places, but here on the Central California Coast, the local quilt/fabric stores have sales on Superbowl Sunday. I wasn't feeling much like buying more fabric, but I do have something special coming up, so bought just a bit of fabric along with some sewing and quilting supplies. They had everything in the store 25% off!

I belong to a friendship quilting group and on our invitation for the upcoming meeting, it says we are going to make a project at the meeting. It will be a table topper and that is all I know! No idea of the pattern so I'm hoping these fabrics will do. I just love them! In case you can't tell, the brown polka-dot is green on brown and goes perfectly! Can't wait to share that finished product with you!

Trying to get a lot done this week. Namely, taxes, cleaning my office, bringing some household clocks current (just for you, Beck) and not the least of which is doing DJ blocks D5, J2, E7 and Triangle T8. Think I can get it all done on top of keeping up with my Beth Moore bible study???
We'll see......

Keep on quilting!

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