Tuesday, February 17, 2009

DJ Activity from last week

Last week I made E4, Buffalo Tree Topper (sorry, the picture is a little blurry) and T8, Needle's Point. The triangles are a challenge for sure, but seem to be somewhat easier as I go. I STILL have no idea how I will possibly figure out L1! This week I will do T10, Precious Gems and E5, Rising Sun at least. Hopefully I'll get more done than that. In my first year of doing the Dear Jane quilt I finished 75 blocks and 3 triangles. I'd like to finish my second year with 150 blocks and at least 25 triangles done. Ideally, I'd like to keep up the pace of at least one tri per week, that way I could get them ALL done this year, or close to it! This week I'm going to try to repair a few blocks that aren't quite right as well.

I plan on hand quilting this quilt in sections. So
far I have 3 rows sewn together, but I won't start the quilting until I have the triangles done for that section.

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