Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekend Triangle

This is RS3 and was mostly appliqued, although there was regular piecing and paper piecing involved too. if I counted correctly, there are 20 pieces. It starts with a regular pinwheel in the center onto which 4 melons are appliqued. Separately, the top piece is made by sewing the bottom 3 pieces and then sewing that to the top piece with the 3 applique diamonds and then finally reverse appliquing that onto the pinwheel piece! Whew! Jane, what were you thinking??? I have one corner kite to do and 4 more triangles and I will be ready to put my first 5 rows together and start the hand quilting. I'm planning on hand quilting this quilt in 3 sections and hopefully I can get the top section ready in time to take it on vacation in June! Seems like there is plenty of time for that!

Keep stitching!


  1. Wow, Melanie, that is some triangle! The fabric is cute..Jane would be cheered :-)

  2. I'm enjoying your DJ blocks and choice of fabrics! Congratulations on having the first 5 rows done!