Thursday, April 30, 2009

April OPAM Done!

Here it is 9:00pm and I've just finished the binding on my April OPAM project! This quilt was started a couple of years ago by my 2 good friends, Launi and Vangie. Vangie made all the star blocks for me. Isn't she great??? I think Launi cut out every piece of fabric and made several of the snowballs. I'm grateful for their efforts. Aren't quilters just the best people in the world? Thanks to both of you! I finished the snowballs shortly after getting the "parts" from them and then put together the top a bit over a year ago. Last year was not a good year for much more than piecing, so I'm thrilled to have the incentive of the OPAM project to get me moving on some of these tops that have needed to be quilted. There's still a few more so I'll keep moving along!

Have a great weekend!


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