Saturday, April 25, 2009

Papa's Star done!

This is G6, Papa's Star. My sister's and I took a class from Brenda Papadakis at Road to California in 2007 and during that class she started to show us how to do this block. I had gotten as far as the center star and was pretty proud of myself. That was until a friend, who will remain nameless at this time, pointed out that some of my star points were chopped off. So I wasn't very proud of myself any longer! So this weekend was it's time for a redo and I feel really good about having it done and pretty happy with how it turned chopped off points, Rana! So what I find to be so amazing about this block is that the center star is a 1 inch block and has 17 pieces in it! That's pretty impressive, don't you think? This entire block was rotary cut and pieced, has 31 pieces, and is DONE!

If you are interested in seeing a really beautiful and AMAZING quilt, you must go here
and read about the winner of the Best in Show at Paducah this year. At the bottom of her page is the link to a picture of the quilt. It's really something to see!

Hope you're working on something FABULOUS this weekend too!


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  1. Good job! Aren't you glad it's behind you? And what's that other thing behind you? It's big!