Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hattie's Hen House - G1

I seem to not post much during the week. The middle of the week seems so busy to me! By the time I get home from work, check email, walk the dog, have dinner, clean up, read the's time to just relax for 15 minutes before it's time to toddle off to bed! Okay, with the complaining behind me, I'll show you the block I managed to work on mid-week this week. It's called Hattie's Hen House (why??) and has only 8 pieces!! It was a snap! Just the kind I like.

For those of you who DJ, I think my next block is a re-do of Papa's Star...Hope it doesn't take up the whole weekend! Haven't decided which triangle to tackle this weekend. LS4 looks almost as difficult as last week's! I might do the top left corner as I've been really wanting to do that one for a long time!

Oh, I got new glasses this week too, well, yesterday...They are transitional lenses. My sight really is not all that bad, but the time that is hardest is when I'm appliqueing or embroidering in front of the TV. These old eyes have real difficulty trying to keep up with the focusing close and then far off. The transitional lenses are a challenge in their own right! The gal at the eye doctor's told me I would need to wear them all day, every day for 3 weeks before I really would have my brain trained on how to use them. Wow! I'm sure I'll get them worked out eventually, but I'm pleased with them already for the purpose I bought them for. Oh, if you're thinking about getting this kind of lense, save up 'cause they aren't cheap!!

I'll be back later this weekend. I've got another block finished to show you then!


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