Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last Weekend's Finished Blocks

I re-made 2 blocks last week, the first was Cathedral Window (I think it's D5, 25 pieces, reg and ppd). I'm not too sure just what my problem was with this block since it went together fairly nicely when I did it for the third time! The next one is woven meadow and I think it's G10(39 pieces, rotary cut and pieced). I didn't use a 1/4 inch foot when I made it the first time, so it came out the wrong size...go figure! So now it's done too! Those were the only ones I couldn't live with, so it's good to have them redone! Then I made for my new finishes this week were E11, which I showed a couple of posts ago and the triangle was T11 (26 pieces, regular and ppd). For some reason, this triangle totally kicked my butt. It took me at least 3 hours to get done. And now that I see this picture, it looks like it's a bit wonky, so will have to fix that too! So there you go! Still need to get more hand work prepped for the road trip this weekend.... off to do that!

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