Monday, March 16, 2009

First Finish for March

I actually had this done about a week ago and forgot to post it. This is my finish for One Project a Month, but I do hope to add another finish to this one. Or maybe I just better use the time to get something closer to finishing. I think I still have one quilt layered and another 2 or 3 that are just in need of borders. It is so invigorating to get something done! And you know that feeling you get when you finish something? It's that feeling that says, "You finish stuff! You should go out and buy another project to work on, 'cause you finish stuff!" Well, so far I've been able to completely resist that temptation and that makes me really happy. There are easily a dozen quilts in my sewing room waiting to be finished and by golly, I'm going to finish them!

This quilt was a project that my quilt group helped me with. Each month, one of us passes out the ingredients and directions to make a block to each member. The next month that person hosts the group and we all arrive with a finished block for her. So this was my "pass out". When I laid them all out I found about 5 blocks that had mistakes in them so I picked them out and re-sewed, and then sewed them all together. Just as I was about to layer the quilt, I noticed I put the same blocks together incorrectly! aaaarrgh! Sew pick, pick, pick, out they came again. Mind you, months elapse in between each of these events. Finally it's together and quilted. And now I see one block still incorrect and another set in the quilt wrong! Oh, well! It's hanging in my bathroom and I can totally live with it!

Hope you finish something today too~


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  1. Your purple quilt looks blue in this picture. So did eagle eye Betsy spot the mistake within five seconds of you posting the picture??