Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Triangle Catch-up!

Here are the triangles I've been working on for the past few weeks. There is one other, but I haven't photo'd it yet.

This is LS7, Sally's Steeple. It was paper pieced and appliqued, has only 15 pieces and was a fun one!
The next two are all or almost all applique and were ideal for the plane! This one is RS7, Fedelia's Hearts, had a wee bit of paper piecing in it and has only 13 pieces!
Lastly we have RS8, Love Forever that was all applique and has only 5 pieces.

I think with the one I haven't shown you yet, that brings me to 32 triangles completed. There are a total of 56 counting the corner kites (I have 2 corner kites in my completed number). So at one a week, I should have all the tris done in about 6 months if I don't take a break. I think I need to take a break pretty soon here though. With my work schedule and everything else going on in my life, keeping this pace starts to be a drain and my yard is suffering. I will probably go until October and then start working on Christmas gifts and then start up in the new year again. At any rate, I'm happy with my progress!

For those of you with a 3 day weekend approaching, hope you get lots of stitching done! I don't get the 3rd off unfortunately, but I'll make the most of the weekend.

Happy Independence Day! God Bless America!


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  1. Nice work! I think the blue is my favorite.