Monday, July 13, 2009

Two more blocks!

Things have slowed down here a bit for the summer. Lots of yard work to be done, not to mention that sometimes LIFE just gets in the way of sewing. Know what I mean? Managed to get a block and a tri done this weekend.

This was last week's block. It's called Ben's Bowtie. It was rotary cut and pieced with a bit of applique and has 36 pieces.
This was this weekend's project and was very easy. Rotary cut and pieced with 26 pieces. It is H10 and called Ben's Bowtie. This was my last block in row H so I'm on to row I! Row I has some pretty easy looking ones and some tougher ones. I think I'll tackle the harder ones first.
I'm saving the triangle for next time. Actually there's 2 to share....

Until then!

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