Sunday, July 26, 2009

Latest DJ Triangles etc

It's been a while! Here are the last 3 triangles completed. This first one is my least favorite of the bunch as it came out pretty wonky. But as they say, "from a galloping horse..." It has 18 pieces and like so many of these guys it is paper pieced and appliqued.

Next up we have Left Side 9. This baby is pure applique and has only 7 pieces.

Last on the DJ front is Right Side 5. This one is paper and regular pieced plus a bit of applique. It has 26 pieces and I'm happy with this one!
I feel like I have been pushing myself a bit too hard with these blocks and it has started to become a bit of a drag to work on. I don't want that to happen because it is such a fun project, so I'm taking a bit of a break. If I feel like making an occasional block or triangle, I will, but for now there are other projects that need some attention.

This year started out so positively with the OPAM (One Project a Month) goal. I have made one project a month, but they have been relatively small and several of them have been started new this year. My whole goal when I joined this group was to actually finish some of the quilts that have been started but never completed. I still like all of them, so need to get them done while that is still the case!

In addition to completing some quilty projects, I'm hoping to get a few other things done. Hopefully recording them here for all to see, will be an incentive to get them done! So here they are:

1) Tone down the bright yellow paint in the kitchen. My idea here is to do a "wash" of a very light buttery yellow mixed in with a glaze. I'm hoping this works!
2) Make new curtains for the kitchen (this is on my OPAM list)
3) Make a new valance for the guest bath
4) Paint the guest bedroom
5) Paint at least 2 walls of the master bedroom

This weekend was my first weekend off from Jane and it felt so productive! It's really amazing just how much time those little blocks take! For now I'm off to put binding on a small scalloped table topper. I'll keep you posted and will try to come back a bit more often now...

Have you done some stitching yourself? If not, stop blogging and go do it!!!


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