Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Buggy Barn Outing

So, when I was on vacation in Spokane, my niece, the planner, had something planned for us every day. We had so much fun! It's a beautiful place and seems like a great place to raise a family.

So one day we hopped in the car and headed out of town. I thought it was going to be a 20 minute trip (but it seemed longer) to the town of Reardan where the Buggy Barn is. It was a bit of an adventure going through the farm fields and down about a mile on a dirt road to this wonderful place! I believe this shot is of one of the owner's homes. The picture is taken from the shop.This is a blury picture, but I thought it was a cute one anyway. We love taking pictures in quilt stores! From left to right this is my niece Lindsey, sister Betsy, me, great-niece Sammy Jo, and her mom and my host niece Sarah.
Here's another photo taken from the back corner of the shop. Can you tell that every square inch of this place is utilized??? It's not big, but one could easily spend hours in here. There are samples everywhere, even the ceiling! I bought a kit called Crazy Rays. I really don't need another quilt to make, but I wanted a souvenier from the trip. And I will enjoy it when I get to it.
By the time we had finished shopping, we had worked up quite a hunger! One of the gals who works in the store has a brother who owns an old style drive in called Dean's. So we headed over there and had burgers and shakes. Yum! I had a bacon cheese burger and a berry shake. The name of the berry escapes me now, but it is a popular berry in the Northwest.

Hope everyone has a great Independence Day! Enjoy your weekend and do some stitching!


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