Monday, June 29, 2009

DJ Block Parade

Well, here's what I've been up to the last several weeks. These are the blocks that I did the piecing on and then took them with me on vacation to finish them up by doing the applique. I'm not fond of flying so it helps me to have something I love doing like these little babies to really help take my mind off of things! So here we go!

G13, Molly's Muffins was regular pieced and appliqued. It has only 13 pieces and was fun to do!
H2, Jacob Anthony was paper pieced and appliqued. Doesn't it sound like this block was named after someone's baby boy? Well, I just had to do it in a baby boy blue. It has 24 pieces

This is H6 Pie Sale and was appliqued and pieced, in that order. It might be a bit deceptive in how many pieces it has. This one only has 14 pieces and was fun and easy! Like most of them, it's not perfect but I'm happy with it.
This one is I7, Mac and Muff. Those itsy bitsy triangles were buggars! This was also pieced and appliqued and has 19 pieces.

This last one is a pretty one, don't you think? It is H9, Snowflake Melt. It was paper pieced and appliqued and has 20 pieces. Only 2 blocks left for row H and neither has a stitch of applique!

See now, I haven't been COMPLETELY useless! Soon I will show you the triangles I've worked on in the same time period. I think there are 4. Oh, I also need to share my Buggy Barn photos!

I have to leave you with this picture. My dog just loves my husband to pieces. They were both VERY tired last Saturday and crept off for an afternoon nap. I had to take this picture! Don't tell my hubby I showed you...

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  1. Lovely work on the DJ blocks. Isn't it handy when you get them prepped? I need to get more diamonds prepped so I can enjoy that hand sewing escape more.
    Love the pic of your DH and canine.They both look pretty peaceful. Looks like a very happy dog :-)