Sunday, May 31, 2009

Still feeling punk!

My very first symptom of this thing was a scratchy throat that I woke up with on 5/21. Granted I didn't come down with full-blown flu symptoms until 5/25, but I really thought I'd be over this by now! But nooooooo.....It just keeps hanging on and hanging on and I'm sick of it! Not to mention my poor boss would just love to have me back at work. I figured a weekend in bed would get me up and at-em by Monday. I dread calling him to tell him...Uh, I'd go, but there are so many reason's not to!

I am able to sew in short spurts of about an hour and then I have to go lay down. But I was able to get a BOW and TOW done allbeit slowly but surely! Speaking of which, I was going to show you pictures of my little pretties, but it's time for a rest. Soon, I promise!


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