Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's Been a While!

A hectic week for sure, and I came down with a cold to boot! I have been so busy with shifting furniture around and the cleaning, sorting and shopping that comes with a project like this! Last Sunday my DH and I moved the double bed into the garage and moved our queen into the office. We moved into this house 5.5 years ago and I've never really "finished" the office to my satisfaction. We went to one of my all-time favorite stores....TARGET and bought some new bedding and rugs and after cleaning 5.5 years of dust from under the furniture, this room is sprucing up. My desk is completely full of stuff I NEVER look at so my goal today is to purge AT LEAST half of it. Meanwhile DH is giving the desk a darker stain to go with the new furniture in that room.

Our new beds were delivered on Tuesday, but when they went to put our king up the slats underneath were the wrong size. So that whole room was put into limbo. The store reordered the correct stuff and they were supposed to be here on Saturday (yesterday) to set it up, but DH went by on Thursday and picked it up and had the whole thing together for me when I got home from Bible study on Thursday evening. Oh, I was SO happy! What a nice man I married! I still hadn't found the right bedspread so ventured out yesterday and found something at Kohls. Now our room is done. Last on the list is the guest bedroom. Luckily, all I need to do down there is make the bed!

Now for some pictures! First I want to show you my cute little great-nephew, Logan.
He is a mini-me of his daddy. Bright blue eyes and a sweet disposition!Here's the whole family. Aren't they cute?

Oh, I need to show you my DJ accomplishments from LAST weekend. These are H1, Peek a Boo and LS4, Virginia's Kite.

I hope to get a few more blocks done today...and show them to you tomorrow!

Until then!

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  1. I really love your DJ quilt done in 30's. That is a neat fabric you are using in this triangle - I haven't seen that fabric before.