Saturday, April 2, 2011

Two of the Last Three Triangles

I'm not trying to hold out on you, I just can't find the picture I took of the very last triangle! In any case, here they are!

This was  actually the very last one I made. It is BR13, called Argyle, has 19 pieces and was mostly paper pieced.

 This one is BR4, called Candy Dish, was paper pieced and has 24 pieces!

Not sure what happened to my last photo, but I will be sure to put it up as soon as I can! Hope you have time to do some stitching today!


  1. Cute fabrics! I just used some similar ones on my triangles, too.

  2. Nice progress, Melanie. Love the sweet green fabric and argyle look. Hope the studying is going well.

  3. Those are beautiful! I have only made 1 of the triangles so far...