Monday, April 11, 2011

The VERY Last Triangle

It's good to have them all done, but progress has been terribly slow since finishing this up.  My official count of blocks left to do is only 22. Can you believe it? But, not a stitch has been sewn on a new block for over 2 weeks. School is demanding and there have been other things steeling my attention.
Before I get off on too much of a tangent, here's the low-down on this triangle: It is BR5, called Gay's Glory, has 40 pieces and was paper pieced!

As I was saying, not much going on with my baby Jane lately. Just a bit of sashing and putting together a couple of blocks of blocks (?). I'm looking forward to some time spent with good friends sewing this weekend and to getting perhaps a few blocks done.
One of the distractions of late was a great class my BFF and I took with Jan Krentz this past weekend. Jan is known for her fabulous Lone Star quilts and we learned so much at her workshop! It is amazing to me how much there still is to learn after so many years of quilting! My BFF, Rana has already finished her quilt which is so very beautiful! You most stop over to her blog and take a gander! 

Hope to show you some completed DJ blocks soon!


  1. Oh wow Melanie!! I have not yet started mine! I am waiting on my DJ paper piecing cd!

  2. Hi Melanie! Your last triangle! and a beautiful one it is! You are making great headway and will have your DJ done soon.
    I saw Rana's Lone Star last night. It does look rather impressive with all those flat perfect seams coming together. Sounds like the class was a treasure of info and fun.
    See ya soon :-)

  3. Congratulations! Your blocks are really beautiful!