Monday, April 25, 2011

DJ Block Countdown

Hoping your Easter was blessed. Boy mine was. To have the King of the Universe die for MY sins. Wow! Just blows me away!

I've just visited my design wall and made an official count. My DJ needs only 16 blocks before she has all her parts! OMG, I could just squeal! Oh my.....The plan is to get those blocks all done by the end of May and spend June putting everything together (note the sashings on one side already!) and marking the scallops. Three plus years of work in the final stretch! So here are the most recent finishes:

This is K10, called Quandry, was paper pieced and has 39 pieces. This is not exactly like the drawing, but I can live with it!

This is K9, Scout's Honor, was paper and regular pieced and has 21 pieces.

Not sure how this next one, L8, slipped in while I've been working on the K row, but it did. I must have made the paper foundation on the same page. It is called box kite, was paper pieced and has 15 pieces.

Now, this one is from row K! It is K11, Columbine and is paper pieced. Just for the record, the pattern chops off the points! This cutie has 25 pieces.

 The last one for tonight is L12, Doris' Dilemma, was paper pieced and has a mere 11 pieces! What a breeze!

I don't have a photo of L2 to show you yet, but it's done and it has 41 pieces. I still have Nan's Niad hanging over my head and I'm thinking about getting her done very soon here! And I see that M4 has 44 pieces. Perhaps this weekend I will tackle the hard ones! Would be very nice to have those done and sail into May with only easier blocks to complete! Wish me luck!


  1. These are looking mighty fine :-)
    wishing you lots of luck with Nan's Niad..I think I've heard of that one before...even though I haven't ever sewn a DJ block myself.
    See ya soon!

  2. Oh my my my...the countdown is on!! Well, I say bring it sister. Let's count those babies down!! I am so excited for you and I cannot wait to see that finished Jane spread across your bed or hanging off of THE most prominent wall in you house. Sew like the wind!

  3. I was so pleased to find your blog this morning - what a treat to see this amazing project that you have almost completed! I hope all is well and that you will post more soon!

  4. You have such beautiful designs. I have to share these finding with all my quilting friends on facebook.

  5. Wow that is really different I have never seen quilts blocks like that.