Thursday, June 16, 2011

Absence and an Inability to Spell

Wow it's been a loooonnnggg time and as I tried to get started, I couldn't figure out how to spell the very first word I typed, "absence." My spelling just gets worse and worse. Is that an age thing? 

Well now, I have been working on my Baby Jane even though I've not been blogging about it! So I'm going to get right to things and show you a few blocks that have been recently completed.

This first block is called Brandon's Star (K13) and has 22 pieces. I don't really remember making this one, but I'm pretty sure it was rotary cut an pieced.

This next one was harder than I had anticipated! If you look closely, you will find it to be quite wonky, but I'm just going to live with it! It is L3 called Reflections Abound, was mostly paper pieced and has 25 pieces.
 Next in the block parade is L1, Widow's Pane, was paper pieced and has 20 pieces.

There's something about this next block that just never looks right. Every one I've seen looks just a bit wonky, as does mine! This is L4, St George's Cross, has 21 pieces and was mostly paper pieced (and STILL looks wonky!).
 Lastly for tonight is L5, Chatanooga Charlie, L5, which was paper pieced and has 23 pieces.

I hope to be back soon as I already have several more blocks made that I would love to share with you!
Someone is encouraging me to do a giveaway soon, so check back to see what might be going on around here.
BTW, there's only 5+ blocks left undone in this quilt! The goal is to have her done by the end of this month! Yahoooooo!

Hope you are getting some stitching in too!


  1. the blocks look great, are you planning on doing the triangles? I still have about 3 rows to go on my centre and think i might do a few triangle , just to see if i am prepared to commit to all of them.
    Don't feel bad, I can never spell absence straight up either

  2. I know exactly how you feel about the spelling. It seems the older I get the harder the small silly words seem to be. Craziest thing. I love your quilt blocks.

  3. Those blocks look so great. And less than 6 to go- wahoooo! I think I will bake a boysenberry pie tonight to celebrate!!

  4. Lovely blocks! I had a chance to quilt my friend's Dear Jane quilt a couple of years ago and wow, it really is gorgeous and such a labor of love!

    As for the spelling thing, My theory is, the older we get, the more things have to shift out of our brains to create more space and something has to give! LOL

  5. coming from families of quilters but not having the patience to be one myself, I'm still in awe of anyone that is. I love all your blocks and will watch for the finished quilt.

  6. Your blocks are lovely. Good on YOU for having nearly finished. I have just finished ( nearly) Row A so have a long way to go yet.
    I'll keep watching your progress.:-))