Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

Okay, compared to some people I know, my life is boring. But for me, who is happiest curled up on the couch next to my husband with a fire burning, this is a fast pace! Currently, I work full time and am attending school attempting to fulfill my science prerequisites in hopes of getting into nursing school in Fall 2013. Yes, 2013. Good grief that sounds like a long ways away! Especially at the age of 51. But, I believe this is a desire the Lord has placed in my heart and will continue on this path until He changes my direction or blocks me completely. At any rate, my one class is Anatomy right now and it takes up what seems like an enormous amount of time. I think if I could somehow stop with all the procrastinating I do, it might be a lot less though;-)

All this to say that, I was determined to get my last few triangles for my Jane quilt done this weekend. Only 3 were left and yesterday I did  them all! I'm so happy. Now, it's just the last 25 blocks and the top assembly, which I'm working on a bit at a time. June is still the goal! Here are the triangles I did the last couple of weeks:

This first one is the one I had to remake because the first one I made went missing. As I've whined about before, this was my least favorite triangle. It is BR9, called, Sue's Garden, has 12 pieces and was pieced by me and appliqued by my bff, Rana. I think this is the only block in my quilt that has been worked on by someone other than me. That makes it special enough that I won't hate it anymore!

 This next one is BR2, called Leigh's Woods, has 31 pieces and was paper pieced.

Lastly, this is BR12, called Jessie's Stained Glass, was paper pieced and appliqued and has 15 pieces.

I have 3 triangles left to show and tell, but no photos of them yet.
If you have any desire to start your own Dear Jane quilt or learn more about it, see the website

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon!


  1. Those are lovely! My friend Holly and I just completed our first triangle from the Dear Jane quilt over the weekend. We will be posting it at http://www.OurHoppyPlace this week.


  2. It's a red letter day, my friend!! Congrats! Hey, let's celebrate with fish and chips next Saturday, ok!!

  3. Beautiful triangles, Melanie! Rana did a terrific job with BR9.
    Happy Stitching,