Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blocks from a Couple of Weeks Ago

The sewing room is still not together. My sister and her hubby left around noon today. DH put the second coat of stain on my sewing room table this morning. Next will be to start putting on the clear coats, so I'm hoping to have the room done by next weekend. That's 3 weeks of not having a sewing room which puts me way behind in my schedule. It will be nice to have it all done though. 

These 2 blocks are ones I did a couple of weeks ago, but couldn't get them trimmed down until today. Got down on the floor where the cutting mat is and whacked away! The first one here is J3, called Rick's Volleyball. It is appliqued and paper pieced and has 14 pieces. In case you are wondering, the points of the inside square are intentionally chopped off per the pattern.

The next one is LS 13 called, Watermelon (why did i make that in yellow?), is paper pieced and appliqued. It has 22 pieces.

It's time to go sort out my office and see what progress I can make on that front. Feels like so much sorting, cleaning, tossing and such is going on around here. Just seems to dig up things I'm not sure what to do with! 

Hope you are having a creative and enjoyable Sunday afternoon!


  1. Love your Dear Jane blocks. I haven't tried a triangle yet, but it won't be much longer until all the blocks are done and then I won't have any choice.