Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And the Winner is.....

AMY!!!   She wrote:

"Just getting started! Would love some fabric to begin my DJ stash:-) Amy"

Well Amy, there are no more excuses for putting off starting your DJ as you are about to have a pile of fabrics to get it going! Please send me your address by email and I'll get these off to you. Congratulations! Thanks to the rest of you for participating in my drawing and for leaving all those lovely comments! I truly enjoyed reading them all!

As for me, things have been sort of wild around my place. We had the new carpeting put in and moved some of the old stuff from upstairs to my sewing room, including the walk-in closet. I wonder if you can begin to imagine the mess going on with regard to the sewing room. The only sewing that has gone on are a couple of DJ blocks I had prepared prior to the carpet fiasco. I hope to show them to you soon.

My friend, Rana has given me her old dining room table to use as my sewing table. I might paint it before putting it together, so I have no idea how long this disaster might last. Tonight I'm hoping to tackle cleaning out the shelves in the closet. THAT should take days. Ugh....But oh how happy I will be when things are sorted, folded, thrown out and organized!!


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