Thursday, February 18, 2010


Life has been pretty hectic compared to sleeping in every day I wanted to and taking my time to do whatever I wanted. But that's not real life for most folks and it shouldn't be that way for me either! Even though I work at a desk job all day, it's suprising what a lack of energy I have in the evenings to do much of anything. I'd like to be able to blame that somehow on the cancer treatments, but I really can't. It's just life or at least my life.

The whole new-carpet thing was and continues to be quite an event. Some of that goes back to having to work and not having the desire to do much of anything when I get home. My DH has been working a lot on these projects. He had all the furniture back in place before I even got home the day the carpet was installed. It took me a week to go through all the decorations that had been taken down and packed away. Who wants to put up stuff that's gotten old and is not so cute anymore into a room that has been freshened up and somewhat modernized??? So all that had to be gone through, sorted and some thrown out. I'm kind of in the sort out mood these days. The living room and dining room were done by about last Saturday (10 days after the install!)

Then it was down to the sewing room.........I have a large walk-in closet in there that had been driving me nuts with its disorganization lately. So everything came out of there and was sorted out. Some stuff went to the garage sale pile, about 3-4 bags went to the garbage can and the rest was recycled paper and plastic. Now I'm waiting for my new table in there to be done. This is DH's job. He took it on without me even asking for some reason. Normally I'm the furniture refinisher, but I think he is taking a liking to it. My sweet friend, Rana, donated her old dining table to my sewing room. It is a very nice piece of furniture made of thick oak - nice quality stuff. We have stripped the top and will restain that (tonight) and the base we are just painting. A small twin bed has been removed (more credit to Rana) from the sewing room and a nice chair suitable for hand stitching will replace it, freeing up some floor space and allowing for a better arrangement of the furniture with the added benefit of a more comfortable place for my loved ones to stitch in that room. At the moment things are just piled on the floor, but I think by the end of the weekend, I should have pictures of the new room with new (recycled) carpet, new furniture and new arrangement! This is the kind of change I love!

Looks like the forecast is for rain this weekend with a break on Saturday. My sister, Betsy is coming to visit for the weekend and it looks like we might do just a bit of wine tasting and have a nice lunch in San Luis Obispo. Can't wait! Then the rest of the day will be stitching to our hearts content!
It's almost the weekend! Hope yours is great!


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  1. What's with this wine tasting and lunch business. Good ol' Betsy needs to be helping get that room together! (cause I want to come over and sew, in my new chair, I am the loved one, right?) TTFN