Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rainy Day...

Wow, it is really raining out there! My poor dog is huddled down and shaking behind the bed. She would really like for the rain to stop pelting on the windows! I suppose this would be a great excuse to wander down to the sewing room and hang out down there for a while. I know Kali would really like that. I have plans to clean out my closet today too!

In the meantime I thought I would share the block with you that I made yesterday. It is easiest one in row I in my opinion. It is I-3 called Family Album. It has 17 pieces and was paper and regular pieced.

Today I may get the last block in row I done! Or I may work on a triangle. Not sure which. OR, I might start work on a Schnibbles quilt. So many choices!! I better get down there and figure it out!!


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  1. a few days late here but yes, the wind and the rain are really taking front stage today. My 'kids' don't seem mind it so much as long as there is NO thunder. I guess we are in for some more of it this week. I'm glad you are home sewing. It is a much better way to stay dry. Love the cheery alphabet fabric in your block. You are making some good progress.