Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another Block!

Wooohoo! Got my second block done for the week tonight! The 2 blocks I did this week were not easy, or at least not fast! This one was definitely not easy. It's not perfect, but it's done and I'm okay with it's flaws.

This little baby is I-10, called Iris's Medallion, was paper and regular pieced and has 25 pieces. This photo is on the yellow side. The focus fabric is a pretty bright pink. I don't think that really comes through here.

While sewing this block, I realized why these blocks are so addicting. It's that you just aren't sure you've got what it takes to make them (at least some of them), or you're not sure that the ones that are easier that you can make come out proportioned correctly or lined up correctly or any number of challenges. And then, at least most of the time, you look at your finished product and say, "Wow, I made a pretty darn good little block there! I think I need to make another!" And that's how it happens!

Have I already mentioned I've lost one of my triangles? Ugh, they take hours to make and one has gone AWOL. My sewing room is getting cleaner and cleaner as I search for that thing! My biggest fear is that I've quilted it into a quilt and it will never be found....Grrr!

Hope you are getting some stitching in!


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  1. You are really moving now! It seems to take me a whole week to get some of those tiny blocks done!