Friday, January 22, 2010


Another DJ block done! This one is a repeat of this block I did back in December. It just wasn't going to work the way it turned out the first time. It really needed to be paper pieced. And so it was! this is I-4, called Stability, is paper and regular pieced and has 25 pieces.

The flash wasn't working on my camera so it is a dull picture. The focus fabric is much brighter than this shows. (I tried and tried to get this photo to load so that the little girl in the center was upright, but no luck. Sometimes, computers are so uncooperative!)

Earlier in the week I finished a purse that I made for a new friend I met at chemo who is battling ovarian cancer. The morning before I went to my last chemo, I was looking at a charm pack and trying to figure out what to do with it. I decided then I would make it into a purse. The fabrics are from the Cause for a Cure for ovarian cancer. Then that day, Debbie and I spent the whole time we were there (about 5.5 hours) chatting away. She is so sweet and is only 43. Please pray for her! Anyway, this seemed like the perfect gift for her. I hope to deliver it to her next week.


These purses are so fun to make!! Plus they are a great way to use a charm pack.

Today I am working on my Schnibbles quilt, Madeline, made with 2 charm packs and some yardage. Hope to have this done quickly. Only one week left before I return to work, so projects are being worked on at a steady pace around here!!

It is hailing outside here in normally sunny beautiful Central California. But I love the rain and welcome it.  It's a great time to sew! And I think it's still beautiful, even with the rain.

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  1. Thoughtful gift for your new friend. My prayers are there for both of you. How good that you can pass that time together. She's going to feel some love receiving that cute bag :-)