Friday, October 2, 2009

A Beautiful Quilt Given to me by Wonderful Ladies

This quilt was given to me by the wonderful gals in my quilt group. I took it with me to my 2nd chemo session yesterday and it was a big hit. I almost felt sorry for all those other people in their drab hospital blankets. It was obvious that I had people who loved me and I brought them there with me in a way. It was like they were there all around me (in spirit, of course).  I know they are keeping me in their prayers and that means so much to me; I can't really express my gratitude for it.

These 3 applique/embroidery blocks were done by Vangie. She embroiders so beautifly. The patterns are  from here.


This lovely signature block was made by Le. I LOVE it! It really brings the sentiment of the quilt together and I look at this part all the time. Thanks Le!

i just love these ladies. Wasn't that the sweetest thing? Oh, I forgot to mention the backing is flannel and the binding is satin. Wonderful!

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  1. Such a sweet and beautiful gift. I am sure the quilt and your faith calms the spirit while enduring the trials of cancer. God is good and He is there holding your hand and walking you through this.