Monday, January 17, 2011

It was a good weekend!

Oh my, there's a lot that went on this weekend that I can't even begin to share here! My sisters and I range in age from 51 to 64 and most of the time we act like we are 12. Thankfully, that's only when we are together. Thing is, sadly, we act like 12 year old BOYS. Ugh. But do we laugh! And sew.

Unfortunately, my camera seems to be dead so I don't have any action shots to share. (You know you want to see some of those!) All I have are stills of my DJ progress. I'm getting so excited about this. I have prepped a triangle and my last corner kite for some applique and once those are done I only have 8 triangles and 30 blocks left. This is definitely the countdown. I can tell that nearly every post until this baby is done is going to not mention how many are done, but rather how many need to be done! You have no idea how much I'd like to have this done by June. NO IDEA!

Okay, here's the latest:
This is BR-9, called Sue's Garden, is all appliqued and has 10 pieces. It is easily one of my least favorite pieces in this quilt!

This is BLC, I don't know it's name if it has one, but I do know it has 75, yes 75 pieces and is paper pieced. I really like this one! I love this fabric!

I don't know why these are sideways, but I don't have the energy to fix them. I'm trying to do the hardest ones left, first.  This one looked hard, but wouldn't have been if I was paying more attention to what I was doing. The pattern definitely didn't have the 2 little side pieces at the top, but they will disappear in the finished product. This one is BR-7, is called Cheryl's Clown and was paper pieced. It has 32 pieces, not including that little error at the top...
To me, this looks like a Southwest pattern. I'm not fond of it, but it's done and I will like it just fine in the quilt! Soon, I  hope to get BR 10 done. It looks HARD!


  1. Nice job paper piecing all those teeny tiny bits! You are right. Even the blocks you don't like will look good in the quilt. Lovely!

  2. You are getting very, very close!! Those triangles look great and the weekend sounds like it was great too. Good luck tonight....