Sunday, May 2, 2010

Road Trip

Okay, well not exactly. I shunned church today in favor of meeting with a nutritionist in Santa Barbara at noon. I was shocked when she offered a Sunday appointment, but it allowed me to meet with her without missing more work. Lord knows, I've missed plenty of that! So, I took the pleasant and scenic 1.75 hour trip down the beautiful central California coast at 8:00 am this morning. I met my sister, Priscilla, at Stearn's Wharf and we had a lovely Sunday breakfast at Moby Dick. We had a nice table at the back of the restaurant which was closest to the end of the wharf and so we were farther out in the ocean. Got to see some porpoise, sail boats, birds and saw lots of people out rowing in boats (the competition kind). It was nice. Then we eventually headed over to the nutritionist who enlightened me about a few things and has put me on a program. It's a very interesting one. Leave it to say that veggies and I are going to be getting to know one another much better!

So all that and no sewing today! That's okay. I hope to do more in the next few weeks. Here is a photo of the place mats I've been working on making with the French Provincial prints. Just a little something for you to look at...

As I'm sure you can tell, you take a large rectangle and cut it up and put 1" strips in between them. I got the idea from Quilter's World magazine. It's the second place mat idea I've used from that magazine. Why is it that I never just sit down and work on one project? If I did, these might be done by now. As it is, they still need batting, backing and a quick quilt! Soon I hope!

Hope you have a blessed week!

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  1. It was beautiful out yesterday. Sounds like you had a nice time near the sea.
    Vegetables are good for you. Enjoy them :-)
    And the placemats are wonderful. I like the use of the French Provencial fabric. Very chic and cheery!