Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My progressive for this year

Well, Monday night was the big reveal. Here's what my group produced for me.....

I had started with just the center star. My friend, Launi, was the first to work on it and she did the flying geese surrounding the center star. Then, her sister, Linda, made the 4 corner blocks. Now, this is a pretty big deal because for both of them, it was their first time paper piecing! Great job ladies!!! I'm really happy that my project stretched you into doing something you hadn't done before. Now you have a new skill that will lead to even MORE quilts you just have to make, right? Next, Le added the side strips and attached the NY beauties. At some point in here (maybe before the side strips were added or just after) Vangie appliqued the center medallion onto the background.  Next, Linda C made a label for this beauty seen here....

Cool signature block, huh?? Next, Barb added another solid yellow border that ended up being used to make the final fence rail type border you see on the final product. This border was done by Lucretia and I think was a fantastic addition, pulling all the colors together! The last person to work on the top was Rana and she put the triangles on the borders and the little snowball type corners in blue on the corner blocks to mimic the shape of the top. I'm super excited to get this thing quilted!! I have lots of ideas for it, which is kind of unusual for me to be able to think quilting ideas up this quickly!

Anyway, aren't I lucky to be part of such a talented group of women??? Here's another quilt that was made this year that is super fantastic!!! This one belongs to Rana and I know she loves it too!

That's it for now.  Hope you enjoyed the show! I may be out of commission for a while, though I do hope to get another triangle done before I go down. So hopefully I'll get another post in before tomorrow's chemo kicks in. Hey, and I might as well be optimistic here. I might not ever go down on this chemo. I might just do fine!!

Hope you are getting some stitching done today!!


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  1. Wow! Beautiful group quilt! Very interesting and well put together. You do have a wonderful group.
    I'll be praying your chemo response goes well.