Sunday, January 25, 2009

DJ Obsession

For some reason, I don't feel free to work on other projects until at least one Dear Jane block is done! Then once I get started it can be so hard to stop!

I had been doing random blocks and almost no triangles, but I found that meant an occasional 2 blocks together of the same color, so now I'm mostly doing one row at a time. Plus I'm tying to get at least the top row of triangles done. Now that I've got some of the blocks under my belt, I'm finding the triangles MUCH less intimidating than they were in the beginning. I remember one of the triangles I made in the beginning took me about 6 hours!

Here is what I did yesterday. The triangle is T6, Carla's Candle Flame and was paper and machine pieced and the top little melon was appliqued on. It has 25 pieces. The block is D11 Snow Crystal and was also paper and machine pieced with the diamonds being appliqued and has 17 pieces.

Tomorrow I'll post some of the other blocks I've done in row D! For now, I must go get to my project that I'm trying to complete for January. I'm finishing up the hand quilting and then will try to get it bound this week!

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