Sunday, December 12, 2010

Working on the final stitches of my Christmas quilt!

These are the blocks that I made most of last year. They are Gail Pan's designs and the setting I stole from my BFF Rana. I'm mostly happy with it. Feel like I've been quilting this thing forever!

Once I make it through the holidays, it's back to getting some Jane blocks done!


  1. Look at those beautiful feathers! Love your quilt..great colors and embroidery. Nice steal :-) for design!

  2. Oh what a triple treat!
    #1-you are off the bottom of my blog list, and you know how much I hate you always being at the bottom!
    #2-the new look is FABULOUS!
    #3-I was linked-Yippeee!
    See ya tonight!!

  3. Oh yeah, I loved the quilt. But, it is not my first time seeing it or saying that it is FAB! So that is why I forgot to say that. Big faux paux.