Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas is on it's way!

Hallelujah Chorus!!

I can't figure out how to make music play on my blog when you open it. So, hit the link above when you get here. And if you know how I can do that on blogspot, please direct me to the directions if you would!

Anyway, Christmas is almost here and will be here before you know it! One of my goals for today is to take down the Fall decorations and get Christmas 'up'. The carols have already been playing for weeks in this house. Love it this year. I'm so much more in the mood this year...for obvious reasons. Last year I had my second to last chemo at the very beginning of December and the last one was on 12/23. I so wanted to get it over with! And now all that is behind me. Queue the Hallelujah Chorus again!

In terms of sewing, I've had a rather productive weekend. On Friday Loris and I got together for a sewing day. So great! I just love to sit with some of my favorite people and sew all day! Here's what's been going on in the sewing room for me....

First, is 2 completed pillow cases for a couple of my great-nieces. These are obviously for the Valentine's 'season.'

This little diddy is a Christmas gift for someone who doesn't read my blog. It measures about 19" across. So it's pretty small, but would be good on a small end table or similar.

 I've worked on a few DJ blocks, but most of them seem to have applique on them. This is the only  one I've completely finished so far. I really need to get back to doing a few triangles. I'm at a point now where I need to do a triangle for every couple of blocks.

Here is an update on my DJ design wall.... I chopped off the top (which is completely done), but you get the picture. The right side has 3 triangles undone as of now. Actually, it should only be 2, but one of them went missing! I kept hoping it would show up since it was easily a couple of hours of work, but it's been missing for over a year. Guess I just need to suck it up and remake it! Anyway, here's the pic...

I'm going to leave you with this picture I just found while looking through my files...It's my sister, Betsy, busy quilting in her sewing room. Isn't that a neat looking room?

By the way, can you find the little mistake in that cute quilt hanging behind her?

Okay, that's it for now. Must go get ready for church. Hope to quilt a holiday quilt made last year today too! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

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  1. How fun to see a picture of Betsy! She really does have a cool sewing room. and yes, I see a wonky triangle in the bottom right corner of that little quilt...Which I never would have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out :-0
    Sewing with you makes for a wonderful day. You got so much done! Your little table topper will be loved. And your DJ is looking beautiful. Hope you find that missing'll find it right after you make a replacement...always happens to me!
    "...and He shall reign, and He shall reign forever and eeever"!