Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sewing with Good Friends!

I've decided that one of the best ways to spend a day is sewing with friends. I have been fortunate to do just that the last 2 Saturdays! Last Saturday, I got to go visit at Loris' house and see her wonderful sewing set up! This girl is spoiled, but I think she is fully aware of that fact!! Here are pictures of Loris and Rana taken from that day.

Now, I KNOW that our Loris is shy, but I just had to share this photo of her modeling her recently crocheted hat. Isn't she darling?? And not just on the outside, but on the inside too!

Speaking of is a sweet photo of Rana! I was having such a difficult day that day and I just thank the Lord for these 2 wonderful friends of mine! They just got me through in a way that was just so healing. Thanks girls for everything! I love you both!

So yesterday, Rana and I got to sew together again at the Mariner's Compass workshop we attended at our guild. It was fun and we both got lots done on our own little blocks. Can't wait to share that with you@

I'm about to go hit the sewing room to do some actual quilting, but wanted to share a photo of this little embroidery project I recently finished. It is a pattern from Kathy Schmitz. These are such enjoyable stitcheries! It took me a while to complete, but I loved every minute I worked on it! I hope the person I gave it to loves it as much as I loved working on it.


Okay, I'm really going to go stitch now! Hope to have something to share soon!



  1. Ok, I have several comments:
    1- I do, I do,I do love my little pillow!
    2- I hate that picture of me
    3- Your new blog looks super cute!
    4- What is pomegranates and berries? I might want to make that too.

  2. Nothing better than sewing with good friends!
    Happy stitching!