Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Kitchen Paint is FIXED!

When we bought our house in 2003, our kitchen was straight out of the 70s. BAD wall paper, really bad flooring and shutters that swung out into the room. It was just BAD. In our first year here, we stripped the wallpaper off and painted a light yellow, which I felt was too light. So, I ended up dry brushing a darker yellow over it. The longer I lived with that particular color the more obnoxious it became. I have been wanting to fix it for probably 2 years, but have been really tied up with my Dear Jane quilt. Since I'm taking a break from that, I finally got to adjusting the kitchen paint. I had no idea it would take me alllllll day and make me as pooped as I am right now! Since I had stenciled a border in there and wanted to keep it, I decided to mix a light yellow (my original base coat) with 2 parts glaze. I rolled the mixture on and then used a dry brush to thin it out and move it around. To save the border, I just went over it with a damp rag and that seemed to work. I'm so glad to have it done! NOW, it's time to put the kitchen back together!!!

Here are some photos of before and after, but I don't think it really shows how dramatic the difference is....

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